God Made Me

GodMadeMe.com begins with our beginning as a race, then branches out into the rest of creation – plants, our starry heavens, animals, etc. How do our bodies utilize the food we eat? How do plants? How do other animals? How does the moon impact us? What do stars tell us? How can we help food plants to grow, how can we treat our bodies when they get sick, or how do simple remedies like charcoal help us to recover our health? These are just some of the areas GodMadeMe.com will cover as the site grows.

What we did

God Made Me requested help with full setup of their WooCommerce store. Installation and setup of multiple WooCommerce shipping method plugins and calculations as well as receipt HTML email templates.

Mobile Friendly

We proved fully cross platform optimized websites. Keeping you stylish on Desktop, Tablet, Android, IOS and more.