RF Elements Directional Horn Antenna with Carrier Class Performance – White


UltraHorn™ CC comes as a thorough antenna solution for a high performance wireless link. There is no need to spend extra money on radomes or shrouds. Any additional shielding only burdens the tower and your budget. UltraHorn™ CC has everything that is needed.

• Excellent noise rejection and scalability options for optimal performance
• The mount is separated from the antenna, making the installation and adjustment quick and easy
• Precise radiation pattern of UltraHorn™ CC allows you to deploy long distance links in high noise environment with unprecedented performance

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Brand: RF Elements

The UltraHorn CC 5-24 is a horn antenna with high gain, high directivity, and symmetrical radiation pattern. Symmetrical beam with equal horizontal and vertical beam widths, combined with zero side lobes, offers impeccable performance in terms of interference rejection. No need to spend extra money for radomes, shrouds, or any other additional shielding.

UltraHorn CC 5-24 Antenna is suitable for point-to-point links in high noise areas. Thanks to the unique radiation characteristics, UltraHorn CC 5-24 delivers excellent performance as narrow beam sector antenna, offering versatile tool for precise network planning. UltraHorn CC 5-24 is dual polarization antenna system (H+V) equipped with two N-female connectors.

Tech specs
• Antenna Connection: 2x N Female Bulkhead Connector
• Frequency Range: 5180 – 6400 MHz
• Gain: 24 dBi
• Azimuth/Elevation BW -3 dB: H 11 Degrees / V 11Degree
• Azimuth/Elevation BW -6 dB: H 16 Degrees / V 15Degree
• Polarization: Dual Linear H + V
• Front-to-Back Ratio: 40 dB
• Beam Efficiency: 99%
• VSWR Max 5180-5850 MHz: 1.6
• VSWR Max 5850-6400 MHz: 1.8
• Temperature: -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to +131°F)
• Environmental: IP55

Box Contents
• 1 x RF Elements Directional Horn Antenna with Carrier Class Performance

Weight: 12 lbs
Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 12 in