weBoost Drive X Fleet 4G Cell Signal Booster Kit – Black


The weBoost Drive X Fleet multi-user cell signal booster helps drivers and vehicles stay connected with dispatch from wherever the road takes them.
• Introducing the weBoost Drive X Fleet-our standard, multi-user in-vehicle cell signal booster for fleet use
• With the Drive X Fleet, there’s a more affordable way to provide reliable phone coverage and greater tracking capability for commercial or government vehicle fleets
• With 50 dB max gain, Drive X Fleet boosts existing cell signal for multiple users and cellular devices within a fleet vehicle. It’s compatible with all phones and cellular-based fleet tracking devices on all carrier networks
• The Drive X Fleet features a 12V hardwire power supply and a high-performance 50 Ohm NMO antenna which REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION
• Our second most powerful booster, the Drive X Fleet is engineered to keep fleet drivers and dispatchers connected when it matters most
• Drive X Fleet offers better coverage and can reach far away cell towers at distances up to 33% farther than our Drive Sleek single-user vehicle booster
• Trusted by first responders, the Drive X Fleet is known for its reliability
• Paired with an omni-directional NMO Antenna; permanently mounted to offer both durability and optimal cell signal coverage
• 5G Ready

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The Drive X Fleet is a powerful cellular signal booster, specifically designed for fleet vehicles like: police cars, government or commercial vehicles, delivery trucks or whatever your fleet might look like. It boosts all carriers simultaneously giving your staff the signal strength they need to communicate and stay connected with others on your team regardless of the carrier they use. This kit uses a high performance NMO antenna, which REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION. The Drive X Fleet boosts voice and data with max ISED-allowed 50 dB system gain, enhancing all available network speeds and cellular bands for improved coverage. Compatible with all major Canadian mobile carriers.

Tech specs
• Frequencies: Band 12/17: 700 MHz, Band 13: 700 MHz, Band 5: 850 MHz, Band 4: 1700/2100 MHz, Band 2: 1900 MHz
• Max Gain: 50dB
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Power: 6V / 2.5A
• Connectors: SMA Female
• Users: Multiple Users
• Uplink Power: Up to 29.5 dBm
• Downlink Power: Up to 5 dBm

Box Contents
• 1 x Drive X Fleet
• 1 x Inside Antenna (314401) Slim Low-Profile Antenna
• 1 x Outside Antenna (314405) 50 Ohm Omnidirectional NMA Mount Antenna
• 1 x Hardwire Power Supply (851111)
• 1 x 3/4″ NMO Mount with 14′ Cable (901150) With SMA Male Connector
• 1 x 6′ RG58 Extension Cable
• 1 x Hole Drilling Protective Tape
• 1 x O-Ring Sealant

Weight: 12 lbs
Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 12 in