Networking Equipment & Security Solutions

Networking Equipment
From home to large enterprise networks
Security Solutions
Modern security systems to keep you protected
Cell Boosters
Improve cellular reception and connectivity
Financing Options
Pay over time with financing options

Everything you need to deploy your network

Networking Equipment

  • Routers: Our routers support various bandwidth requirements and are easy to set up and manage.
  • Switches: Ideal for businesses of all sizes, our switches offer high performance, increased network uptime, and enhanced security.
  • Wireless Access Points: Experience seamless connectivity with our state-of-the-art wireless solutions that ensure stable and fast wireless networks.
  • Network Security Devices: Protect your network from threats with our advanced security appliances.

Security Solutions

  • Cameras: Security cameras, including CCTV and IP cameras, provide real-time surveillance, deterring potential threats and recording activities.
  • Alarms: Alarm systems, both audible and silent, alert property owners or law enforcement to possible intrusions or security breaches.
  • Access Control Systems: These systems control who can or cannot enter a particular area, ranging from simple keycard systems to biometric scanners.
  • Motion Detectors: Motion detectors play a key role in security by triggering alarms or recording devices when movement is detected in a designated

Cell Boosters

  • Enhanced Signal Strength: Dramatically improves cellular reception and connectivity in areas with weak signals.
  • Wide Coverage Area: Boosts cell signals across large spaces, ideal for homes, offices, and vehicles.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all cell phone carriers and supports multiple device connections simultaneously.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free setup with no technical expertise required.
  • 4G & 5G Ready: Future-proof technology that enhances both current 4G LTE and upcoming 5G networks.

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